Posted by: Jordan | November 1, 2010

Trapped in a Mine… WWMD?

As I drove through the streets of Halifax on Saturday night it became very apparent that one of this Halloween’s popular group costume was to dress as the trapped Chilean miners.  The rescue of the 33 miners was really a remarkable feet that captured the worlds attention so I’m not surprised by the popularity of the miner costumes. I wrote about the miners on The Whole Ball of Wax last month and discussed how the miners were basically given whatever they wanted in order to make their unfortunate situation as comfortable as possible.  Some of the things they were asking for were soap, shampoo and razors so they could maintain their hygiene.   These are all valid requests but I’ve found myself wondering for the past month what Mur would have asked for if he were one of the trapped miners?


I’m assuming that a 600-meter mine is poorly ventilated and can get quite warm.  As a result, Mur would have asked for three things:  A generator, extension cords and several fans.   Mur would have then proceeded to battle the heat in the mine for 69 straight days.  He would position all the fans he was supplied in a way that circulated only the cool air.  Once he was satisfied with the position of all the fans he would find somewhere to sit so that he could watch all the fans oscillate while sipping his hot coffee.  Whenever a fellow trapped miner walked by, Mur would say “Doesn’t that cool air feel nice?” As soon as Mur became unsatisfied with the amount of cool air the fans were circulating he would set his coffee down and reposition the fans.  This process would have continued for the full 69 days.


What would Mur have done if he were one of the trapped Chilean miners?  Mur would have killed two birds with one stone.  He would have asked for a generator, extension cords, and several fans.  This way he was able to keep cool while remaining occupied for the full 69 days.




  1. He does love to control the temperature

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