Posted by: Josh | December 16, 2010

What Would Mop Do?

Highschool is a time to be an individual, to show personality, and overall just to be awesome. Mur took this as a challenge and did what he could to be an individual and he definitely was awesome.  His individuality lead to his long-standing nick name which he still is called today from time to time.  Not nearly often enough if you ask me!  You would never guess it now, but Mur once had the most luscious head of hair you’ve ever seen.  His hair was so lush it made Troy Polamalu’s do look mangy!

The Mop in all its glory!

WWMD to be an individual in highschool?  He would grow a head of hair that resembles a mop and would gain the appropriate nickname ‘Mop’!  If you see him, call him Mop, he will appreciate it.


  1. He’s a beauty!!!!!!!

  2. Lol nice MOP Mur!!!! Love it, I can see you in that picture Josh!!!

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