Posted by: Jordan | December 20, 2010

Cat Got Your Tongue?

It’s always nice to come home to visit regardless of the time of year; however, this year I am especially excited to be home because I know Mur will provide me with heaps of writing inspiration. So far I’ve been home for three days and I already have at least 15 solid Mur stories. To save you from “Mur overload” I’ll just provide y0u with a quick story to start.

The LC and I brought our cat Freddie home for the holidays so that he could hang out with the fam during the next two weeks.  You wouldn’t guess it, but Mur is actually obsessed with Freddie and loves having him around.  Upon Freddie’s arrival he spent the first several hours exploring the house.  We lost track of him after a while so the family sent out a search party to locate him and ensure he wasn’t wrecking the place.  Mur took the basement and gave us the play by play of his search. “He’s not under the stairs… he’s not under the Christmas tree… Whoomp! there he is.”

What would Mur say after he located a missing Freddie?  He wouldn’t say anything. He would; however, uninternally  replicate the 1993 Tag Team rap “Whoomp! (There it is)”.



  1. LOL classic beat Jord! Only Mur!! Now that song will be in my head all day!!

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