Posted by: Josh | January 3, 2011

Gift Exchange

Mur has a habit of making purchases without fully reading the label on the item.  This usually happens in grocery stores, however, it has the potential to happen in any circumstance.  An example comes from this Christmas holiday when he and mom were getting a dish set for my sister as a gift.  There were two sets of dishes that were the same colour but one set was round and one was slightly squared.  They wanted to get her the round ones as she requested. Mom picked up two boxes and put them in the cart, Mur picked up one box and put it in the cart.  When they got to the checkout they told the cashier they were all the same so she just scanned Mur’s box 3 times.  Once home, Mom took a glance at the receipt because she detected a pricing error.  The plates were overpriced because the square plates were more expensive than the round ones and in classic Mur style he didn’t read the label so put the wrong box in the cart.  When mom informed him of the mistake he said “Ahh Shit! shit, shit, shit” and then looked at the box and said “Ahh Shit! Shit!”  He then walked up the stairs and said “Ahh Shit” followed by “shit, shit, shit” etc., got his keys and walked back down the stairs as he excalimed “Ahh shit, shit, shit, shit” again.  While putting on his boots he said one “Ahh Shit!” per boot and then drove to Zellers to make the exchange and sort out the mistake.  I can only assume that at every turn and stop sign he said “Ahh shit!” and then got to Zellers and calmly explained and solved the situation politely without saying “Ahh Shit!”, “shit”, or any combination of the two once.

WWMD if he put the wrong plates in the cart and didn’t realize until he got home that he paid more than he intended to.

He would say “Ahh Shit!”  numerous times. And then exchange the plates easily without any hastle.



  1. with all that shit going on I’m glad he didnt step in any. Classic !!

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