Posted by: Josh | January 6, 2011

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Big Mur

I was just sitting down watching tv, minding my own business when all of a sudden, I heard a commotion in the kitchen.  Mur was the only one in there, so it was pretty obvious he was about to provide fodder for WWMD.  He did.

He exclaimed “Mole! mole!” and spilled his coffee all over the floor. He then scurried (Mur, not the mole) around the counter in search of the mole.  I figured that Mur would need some assistance dealing with such a critter, so I went to help.  I figured I would allow the scene to play out momentarily before helping out.  Mur attempted to stomp on the poor little guy with his slipper not once but twice.  The first stomp just grazed the rodents noodle and the second one was a good 8 inches off, but I’ll tell you it was a mighty stomp.  I got a dust pan and as I tried to scoop it up Mur shouted “Kill it, kill it, it’ll bite you”.  Well, I didn’t kill it, and it didn’t come anywhere close to biting me, and I tossed it out the open door.  With a little luck, the mole will be back tomorrow and similar episode will occur (opportunity for a video blog?).

WWMD if there was a mole in the kitchen?  He would assume this is a mole of the viscous breed,  pour his coffee on the floor and direct two poorly executed stomps toward the mole. 

Not Mur's Ideal T-shirt



  1. Only Mur would yell “mole! mole!” instead of yelling “mouse!mouse!” Perhaps some day you could talk about all the different ways that Mur has dealt with our bats!

  2. Well, it was a mole. Mur has a nack for identifying things quickly and accurately…crops…rodents…his children, wait, not his children. But rodents and crops he’s pretty good at.

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