Posted by: Josh | February 2, 2011

Far From Home

It’s been a while since a post has been submitted from WWMD?, however, there are reasons for this.  Long and short, I moved to Halifax, and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you’re looking at this) I no longer live with Mur, and thus am no longer in his presence daily.  I will attempt to continue posting as best I can but the content will involve less current events and more past adventures.

I got a phone call from mom, and after some chatting I asked what Mur was doing.  She told me to “guess” and I knew I was about to get fodder for a new post.  I knew I had a 50/50 chance of getting this one right.  I gave Mur the benefit of the doubt in the 50/50 and chose philatilating (or stamping to those who aren’t affected by a stamp collector).  I was wrong.  So I guessed again and was bang on!…

WWMD on a Wednesday night if not sorting stamps?  “He’s watching TV, sitting on the love seat but treating it like it’s a one seater couch and taking it up in its entirety.  He has his left leg crossed over his right and probably has his hand in his shirt (through his collar)”.   Boom!



  1. Even from Halifax you still have it Josh!! I heard a rumor from Matty E you moved younder, then I saw Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Mur at your team’s game and confirmed!! Well good luck Josh and have fun!! Can’t wait to read more!!!

  2. was wondering what was going to happen to WWMD when I heard you were in halifax. Too bad they couldnt have held the job till after playoffs eh. Hope all goes well out there. Take Care Josh!!

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