Posted by: Josh | February 8, 2011

Mur’s 36th Wedding Anniversary

Because I’m not in the presence of Mur, I don’t know what he will be doing for his incredibly tolerant wife on their 36th anniversary today.  As a result, I’m going to have to speculate about what Mur would do on his anniversary.

Dinner:  He would hum and ha about what would be a good romantic dinner to treat the mother to.  He would juggle his options:  Crabby Joe’s, Veky’s, The Anchor, and Fiege’s.  He would count Fiege’s out because it’s not open on Tuesdays nor does he care for the ambiance when it is open. He doesn’t care much for Veky’s due to the way the country decor doesn’t exactly fit with the modern. The Anchor isn’t fancy enough to make it a good candidate, and they go to Crabby Joe’s too often for it to seem like a treat.  This leaves only two options: McDonald’s, or breakfast for supper made by Mur.  In 1994, McDonald’s would have been the obvious choice because they had hockey cards.  Mur would order his standard Big Mac meal with Coke, and Mom would order a McChicken (remember it’s 1994, she would opt for a wrap or salad in 2011) with a white milk.  Mur would be upset with mom’s drink choice (and say “ahhh jeez…!) because in order to qualify for hockey cards, you had to order a pop of sorts.  So Mur would buy another Coke so he could get additional cards.  But it’s not 1994, so there are no cards, so McDonald’s is out.  That makes the last option the winner, breakfast for supper, which has recently been refered to by Mur as a gourmet dinner.  So for Dinner, Mur would make mom a gourmet dinner of bacon and eggs…a good start.

Entertainment:  If it were 1994, he would spend the remainder of the evening sorting his hockey cards… but it’s 2011, making this too easy…It’s Tuesday, Mur’s treating Mom to the movies, no snacks though, that defeats the purpose of cheap Tuesday.

Post Entertainment:  In 1994, Mur would have laid in bed with Mom, whispering the names of the players on the cards he just sorted.  In 2011, Mur’s the silver Fox… That being said, sometimes the silver gets the best of him and he has a lot of ‘lead handing’ to do in the morning.  It’s time for bed. 

Congrats on 36 years…You have 4 great accomplishments to show for it! (I don’t mean grand kids)

Stay posted for the actuality of the event, coming soon.



  1. I freakin laughed out loud when I got to the hockey card part! You have outdone yourself again. Will be anxiouslty awaiting the actual date night report.

  2. hit the nail on the head with this one

  3. LOL you are hilarious Josh…..but little hope with Uncle Mur, I think you all might be surprised with what they actually did!!!

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