Posted by: Josh | March 11, 2011

Tattoo? WWMD?

The other day, I saw a guy with a tattoo on his back.  It was a tattoo of a naked woman leaning against a rock. It got me thinking, “how does one come to decide on a tattoo that is so pornographic?” I suppose it takes a special kind of thought process that I’m just not capable of.  But really, it spurred on a much more interesting question, “If Mur was given a tattoo gift certificate and had to choose a tattoo, what would he choose?”  I know he wouldn’t choose a naked girl for his back, it just doesn’t make sense.  Mur is a class act, a naked woman on his back isn’t a class act.  He would ponder it for a while because he wouldn’t want something he would regret once he becomes an old man.  A potato would cross his mind.  Simple, and timeless.  He’ll always like potatoes, they’ll always be a staple in North American cuisine, and on some level, the potato is the reason he is here…tracing back to the Irish potato famine from 1845-52.  But he would remember that he used to be “Mop” and the ex side kick of “Dabble” wouldn’t stand for such a plain tattoo.  What Mur would decide on is something bold, yet classy and meaningful, similar to what this guy decided on…

82 Julia Roberts Tattoos

Mur would not get 82 Julia Roberts tattoos, but he could surely find one he likes from this guy’s collection.


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