About WWMD?

Welcome to WWMD? (What Would Mur Do?).  After hearing about Justin Halpern, I thought to myself, “self, why is this guy becoming rich and famous based on his dad, while you’re over here sitting on a gold mine and not doing a thing about it?” No, my dad doesn’t say anything quite like Mr. Halpern, but he is a gold mine in a different way.  It would be a very difficult challenge for me to explain in one simple statement how Mur is a gold mine, so the purpose of WWMD? isn’t necessarily to quote my dad (although it will happen), but to help you understand him like we (his children and others close to him) do.  The ultimate goal is for you to appreciate what makes Mur hilarious.  By reading WWMD? you will learn about Mur’s past times, his passions, and his outlook on important social issues (such as salad bar etiquette).  There will be tales of how he reacts to certain circumstances and there will also be speculation about how Mur would react when put into different situations.  You will laugh (hopefully), you will shake your head (probably), and you will just stare wondering what’s going on (definitely).  If these are the things you are experiencing then you know Mur.


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