Posted by: Josh | December 4, 2010

Baby Shower

Scenario: Someone has recently been to a wedding or baby shower, WWMD?

He would clearly ask the person if they got wet.

Posted by: Josh | November 26, 2010

It’s getting cold! WWMD?

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, Mur is very adamant about getting ready for winter:  Checking the generator; getting winter tires on the car; making sure the snow blower is working etc.  Today it is minus 13 with windchill (not that cold compared to other parts of Canada, but cold enough), and there is a dusting of snow on the ground.  It reminds me of what Mur would have done from about 1984 (or earlier) until 1998 when it becomes obvious that winter is here.   He would spend his Saturday in the backyard hammering stakes into the ground and nailing old pieces of plywood to those stakes.  He would do this for hours in order to make what I would consider to be the best backyard rink in Listowel.  The side boards would be 2.5 feet all the way around (to allow for ease of shovelling) and the end board would be 4.5 feet high (to keep the pucks from entering the hedge or house).   He would climb the old clothes line post to secure flood lights in place and he would attach an overhead light to the current clothes line.  It would be time well spent because he knew there would be at least 2 boys on the ice from the time school was out until it was bed time almost every single night.  Once his boys were inside the house and in bed, Mur would suit up in his snow suit and flood the ice so it would be ready for the next night, he would come back in with major icicles on his moustache (click on Movember and Mur to sponsor Mur and his moustache). 

WWMD once it gets cold and snowy?

He would create memories of outdoor hockey for his boys and their friends.

Posted by: Josh | November 15, 2010

Bundt Cake

Somehow, Mur found out that today is International Bundt Cake Day…How in the world he found that out is beyond me.  What in the world it means is even further beyond me, anyway, I digress…Mur thought that for International Bundt Cake Day, he would make Raisin Delight, which is pretty much Mur’s go to dessert that he got from the Mennonite cook book.  It’s not a bundt cake, and in the end he forgot to make it.

WWMD on November 15th?

He would find out that it is International Bundt Cake Day and think about making (but would forget to make) a non bundt cake dessert in honour of International Bundt Cake Day.

Posted by: Josh | November 14, 2010

One Bad Apple!

Just before Thanksgiving, Mur went to an orchard and selected some apples to keep him going for a little while.  He decided on Russet apples because he was informed that they last for a long time before “spoiling”.  Apparently Mur was misinformed because when he went for an apple the other day he found they had all gone bad, although, he was pretty sure that he could just cut the bad spot off of one and eat the rest…

Mur's Bad Apple


Really Mur? …Really?

WWMD if he had a bad apple?

He wouldn’t waste food! And neither should you.

Posted by: Josh | November 9, 2010

Battle of the Blades

Watching the Battle of the Blades the other night, Mur says:

“There are a lot of hot ladies in this show!”

What Would Mur Do when watching the Battle of the Blades with his wife?

He would comment on the hotness of the contestants…It’s about the skating Mur! (although that Jamie Sale is something special!)

Jamie Sale

Posted by: Josh | November 2, 2010

Big Mur’s Big Birthday!

It’s Mur’s 60th birthday.  WWMD?

He would take the day off to do all the things he loves to do.  He would get up early and have cereal AND toast (he only has both on special occassions).  Then he would drive to his brother, Dave’s place, and scrounge through his fields for some left over corn cobbs so he would be able to feed the birds this winter.  Once home, he would dig and rake in and around the garden.  He would take a break for lunch and have a ham sandwich with cheese slices and a yum yum pickle on the side. (Tomato season is done. No more near clubhouses at home).  After lunch he would get the snow tires put on the car. He would make sure that the snowblower is in working order and start up the generator and do a Mur invented ‘generator drill” in which he checks to make sure all of the extension cords reach the necessary areas of the house (this is to be done on a tri-weekly basis).   He would spend the remainder of his day looking at his stamps using his black light to find rare stamps until mom would get home.  When mom gets home she would give Mur a birthday card. He would question the grammar of the card to no avail.  He would then go for wings and beer, get a visit from his mother, and go to a hockey game.  So all in all, Mur would have a pretty Mur like day.

Posted by: Jordan | November 1, 2010

Trapped in a Mine… WWMD?

As I drove through the streets of Halifax on Saturday night it became very apparent that one of this Halloween’s popular group costume was to dress as the trapped Chilean miners.  The rescue of the 33 miners was really a remarkable feet that captured the worlds attention so I’m not surprised by the popularity of the miner costumes. I wrote about the miners on The Whole Ball of Wax last month and discussed how the miners were basically given whatever they wanted in order to make their unfortunate situation as comfortable as possible.  Some of the things they were asking for were soap, shampoo and razors so they could maintain their hygiene.   These are all valid requests but I’ve found myself wondering for the past month what Mur would have asked for if he were one of the trapped miners?


I’m assuming that a 600-meter mine is poorly ventilated and can get quite warm.  As a result, Mur would have asked for three things:  A generator, extension cords and several fans.   Mur would have then proceeded to battle the heat in the mine for 69 straight days.  He would position all the fans he was supplied in a way that circulated only the cool air.  Once he was satisfied with the position of all the fans he would find somewhere to sit so that he could watch all the fans oscillate while sipping his hot coffee.  Whenever a fellow trapped miner walked by, Mur would say “Doesn’t that cool air feel nice?” As soon as Mur became unsatisfied with the amount of cool air the fans were circulating he would set his coffee down and reposition the fans.  This process would have continued for the full 69 days.


What would Mur have done if he were one of the trapped Chilean miners?  Mur would have killed two birds with one stone.  He would have asked for a generator, extension cords, and several fans.  This way he was able to keep cool while remaining occupied for the full 69 days.


Posted by: Josh | October 28, 2010

Movember and Mur

For as long as I have known Mur, he has had a moustache.  (You can easily become familiar with the awesomeness of Mur’s moustache by either looking at the banner of this blog or reading my entry titled “Rockin the Moustache” in which I compared Mur’s Muzz to Cito Gaston’s Muzz.)  Mur’s mo is an important part of his look and persona.  A Mur without a mo may not be a Mur at all, nobody knows for certain.  Mur is also very attached to his own mo, as is his mo very attached to him, so you can imagine how surprised I must have been when Mur agreed to be a part of Movember with no persuasion at all!  That’s right, Mur has agreed to shave his mo clean off his upper lip on Movember 1st and regrow his mo throughout Movember.  He is definitley making an attempt to “change the face of men’s health”.

WWMD when asked to take part in Movember?

He would agree to shave his moustache off for the first time in about 30 years in order to make a difference and raise money for prostate cancer.

To make a pledge to Mur and help change the face of men’s health click here.

Posted by: Josh | October 25, 2010

Car Won’t Start! WWMD?

The other night I parked my car at a friend’s place so I could have a couple of social drinks.  The next morning, I walked back to the car to retrieve it.  When I got there, the car refused to start.  I got my buddy and after he put some pants on, we attempted to jump the car, but it turned out that the battery was fine, so I went to plan B:  I asked myself “What Would Mur Do?”  I didn’t really know the answer to that, so I figured instead of speculating and screwing something up, I should just get Mur to help me.  So when I got home I told Mur that the car wouldn’t start and he said, “well, let’s go see if we can get it started”.  So he drove us to the car and we went to work.  I know nothing about the goings on of a car engine.  But I’ve seen people who try to fix a car and they almost always lift the hood up.  Not Mur though, he has a way better method.  It consists of inserting a key into the ignition and turning…and turning…and turning etc.  For some reason this didn’t work, so after 37 attempts he called CAA who were going to send over a tow truck that would take about 45 minutes.  I had an important Sunday morning hockey game to play vs. the Tryhards so I left Mur to wait for assistance while I took his car. When I got home after our decisive victory, my car was in its usual place in the drive way.  Mur thought of something shortly after I left that he figured would work…He put the key in the ignition and turned.  It started right up so he drove it home and called CAA back and told them to cancel the tow truck.  So now there is nothing wrong with the car.  I’ve heard that a person who does the exact same thing over and over again without any different results is insane.  If Mur does the same thing over and over again, he’s a mechanic!

WWMD if a car can’t start?

Try to start it of course, it will eventually work.

Posted by: Josh | October 19, 2010


Mur is a pretty conservative salad eater.  He usually enjoys salad, but as far as Mur is concerned, a perfectly acceptable salad consists of iceberg lettuce…and that’s all.  He of course puts some salad dressing on it but isn’t adventurous when it comes to that either.  He’s really put off by Kraft’s ability to create interesting salad dressings.  vinaigrettes are absolutely unacceptable.  In Mur’s eyes, there are 4 acceptable salad dressings:  Creamy Cucumber; French; Catalina and his personal favourite, Thousand Island.  The other day we were having a meal which included salad, but to Mur’s dismay, we were all out of his prefered dressings.  There were six types of dressing on the table but none were good enough for Mur.  He decided that instead of not having salad, he would risk one of the flavours he doesn’t like (and when I say “doesn’t like”, I also mean, has never tried).  His choice was Three Cheese Ranch.  He figured he might as well go all or nothing so he absolutely loaded the Three Cheese Ranch on his salad while looking at it with his nose turned up.  He then commented on how bad it smelled and took a taste.  It wasn’t to his liking so he said “ahhh, that’s awful” and in the same moment, picked up the pepper shaker and loaded his salad with about 12 shakes of pepper in an attempt to drown out the taste of ranch.

WWMD if he wanted a salad but there were no “good” kinds of dressing?

He would use Three Cheese Ranch, complain about its smell and taste and then load it with pepper in an attempt to make it edible.

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